Christians Becoming Part Of The Problem

In this day and age it is getting harder and harder to be a positive light in such a seemingly dark world. Holding on to Biblical principles are also getting harder and harder to place inside our children’s hearts thanks to media and other outside sources. Marriage has become a joke. Families are being broken for the lack of interest partners have to uphold their end on what being married in the sight of God means. Loyalty in a marriage seems to be something that is unheard of. I can not tell you how many times I have been told of a marriage breaking up because they just forgot that marriage means for better and for worse. They forgot that when you marry someone it means you are done with searching for someone else. Marriage is a UNION that needs to be kept at all cost.


Do We Love Our Husbands The Way Jesus Loves Us?

In a Church service not too long ago our preacher spoke about how each spouse should love the other spouse just like Jesus loved the Church….Jesus, as we all know gave and kept giving to His bride (the Church), including the ultimate sacrifice Himself.

During the weeks after that particular sermon I watched my actions toward my husband. Were my actions some of the same actions Jesus shows His Church? I then sat down and had to take an honest, cold, hard look at myself. Here are the things I found…………………

Do We Love

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Focusing On The Little Things

Over the Christmas break and even the past few weeks since it has been one celebration after another. Our oldest son had his 10th birthday. Then of course we celebrated Christmas. Next up was good old New Years. And now just when things are slowing down for everyone else we have hit the big birthday month at our house. That’s right X and the Twins are having their birthdays. I don’t know about you but man I am so tired.

Little Things

Now there is something I have noticed. As each and every one of these guys have received a gift they could care less about the price tag. They could also care less about how much razzle and dazzle their birthday party contains. Instead they are more fascinated with the little things. You moms out there no exactly what I am talking about. Happy squeals about playing with new boxes, getting to talk on the phone with family members and all the out pour of affection on their day. They absolutely LOVE it. These are the things that really get them. Shouldn’t we be the same?

How many times have we been given something and thought gee thanks (maybe even a little eye roll). We aren’t appreciative of the thought of the gift because we get so caught up in the fact that we may have spent more on them. How often do we take for granted those little phone calls that really should mean the most? How often do we ourselves shut down the small gestures of love that others show us? We are living in such a fast pace world that we forget to STOP and enjoy things and gestures.

Sometimes we even feel this way about things God does for us. We aren’t happy with the things God us because so and so seems to have more. God hasn’t provided us with the top of the line vehicle instead we are still driving our 10-year-old beat up mini van. Our homes are never big enough. Our clothes are so last season. We sadly have become more about processions than about being grateful to God for all that we do have.

Instead of chasing after all the things we do not have. We should be thankful for all the small things. We after all were able to wake up to another day. We are once again able to reach others for Christ. We are able to kiss our children one more time and hug our husbands. We have homes that keep us warm and dry from the elements. (Even if we do complain about the fact that it is to small.)

Instead of complaining we need to be seeking out those small things. The laughter of our children, the embrace of our loved ones, and those simple phone calls from those who just called to see how we are doing. These little things are what matter most. The most important things in life come without price tags. They come from the heart.

Giving The Little Things:

Strive to be the one who tries to make others smile. It really can take little effort. Incase you are stumped on ideas here are a few to get you started.

  • Drop by a friend or neighbors house just because you where in the neighborhood.
  • Mailing out a just thinking about you card. It can be so refreshing to get something other than bills in the mail.
  • Giving away things you no longer need to someone who can use them.
  • Offer to watch someone else’s little ones so they can have a break.
  • Offer words of encouragement even when they don’t look like they need it.
  • Pick up the phone and call a friend
  • Simply smiling and asking how someone is doing

Take time to think about all the little things that you tae for granted . Once you do you will realize how blessed you truly are.

Until Next Time Just keep Soaring 4 Him,


Day Of Love Turned Day Of Grrrr…………

Oh love is in the air and in the stores. Turning on the television all you see if flower and jewelry ads. We as women have started drooling and day dreaming of the perfect Valentines day. Lists may even be forming in your head as we speak. Sadly once the day arrives and your expectations may very well not be met. You will go around sad and with more than likely hurt feelings. We loose sight of how unimportant the materialistic things really matter.

Day Of Love Turned Day Of Grrr


My husband is a man of very few words. He will not be showering me with gushing words that will make me sigh. He will also not be going out buying me expensive things. Not because he does not feel I deserve them. Instead he is a very practical man who shows how much he loves me daily not just on one day. He shows this love by providing me with the things I need, by working hard and by being a great father to our children. Jewelry looses its shimmer, flowers wither then die but actions can be remembered and treasured forever.

I believe more arguments happen on Valentine’s Day than any other day because of unrealistic expectations. Instead of appreciating the small things that mean the most. Jesus didn’t shower us with jewelry to show us that He loves us.  Instead He showed us that He loves us through His actions. Now this is the example we should what from  our man on Valentines Day or any other day for that matter. Love is an action that is shown not bought in a store.



How about you? Are you going into Valentines Day with realistic expectations? Or are you joining the masses and expecting materialistic items? Make sure instead of expecting something for Valentines Day make sure you are treating your Valentine special not just one day but everyday. Not because you want something mind you instead follow Jesus’s example of unconditional love. After all your husband is the leader of your home, provider for your family and the father of your children.


Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone. We ourselves will be celebrating our second son’s birthday.



Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


Building The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have

As a child I remember walking to Church with my grandmother. I remember rain or shine that woman could be found studying her Bible every chance she got. I really never understood why it was that she always was so caught up in that ragged looking book, nor could I understand why during her daily tasks you could often hear her singing or humming an old hymn. It wasn’t until I started my own spiritual walk that is. It was then when I truly understood the reasoning behind all that she did. Reading the Bible and talking to God builds a personal relationship with Him that affects so many areas in your life.

Building The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever HaveJoin me over at Blue Shutters as I talk about the importance of building and maintaining a relationship with God.